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SUMMIT trains leaders and increases employees' productivity.

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SUMMIT provides coaching, speaking and training workshops, tailored to your needs, and designed to improve employee performance and productivity. We believe the cornerstone of a healthy organization is human capital, and employee engagement is the key. We identify your talents and develop them into your STRENGTHS. We achieve this through the use of Gallup Strengths Coaching and The John Maxwell TEAM Leadership methods. Both models are used by many Fortune Five Hundred companies, nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies, with positive results. These methods, when combined, can achieve near-perfect performance, every time. Let’s connect, and unlock the power in YOU and your organization!

Joe Flores, President and CEO
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Certified John Maxwell TEAM Member
STRENGTHS: Positivity, Strategic, Developer, Empathy, Arranger
25 years of leadership experience

Joe Flores <br>
Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Certified John C. Maxwell TEAM Member
Joe Flores
Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Certified John C. Maxwell TEAM Member


According to Gallup, seventy-two percent of employees are not engaged in the workplace, resulting in lower productivity and profit margins.



We increase productivity and profits by helping employees apply their talents to achieve company objectives.



Engaged employees outperform their competition.

Client Reviews

“What I found most beneficial was his use of different styles of learning techniques. Mr. Flores had cards, music, note taking and PowerPoint. He is a wonderful instructor. He made the training fun! I learned so much and I am glad he shared his personal experiences. Mr. Flores made it seem more real.”


Supervisor, Private Industry

Client Reviews

“Joe Flores’ enthusiasm is contagious! You can truly tell he loves and believes in his message. He has a knack for empowering everyone to discover their strengths, embrace their strengths and live their strengths.”


Mental Health Specialist

Client Reviews

“Joe is a good teacher. This was a small group, but Joe didn’t let that bother him. He engaged us in a way that made the day go by too fast. I love his videos, his interaction and his overall teaching style. Joe presented all information professionally and with well-timed humor.”


Chief Probation Officer

Client Reviews

“This course was great. I loved the art of communication portion. I more clearly understand the importance of being aware of body language and the major part it plays in communicating. The course was interesting because of Mr. Flores’ delivery method, hands on impact, the visual effects and the interaction between participants that occurred.”


Administrative Assistant

Client Reviews

“Mr. Flores made everyone feel like stars with all of the passion he poured into his training. He allowed me to examine my reasons for not performing my best. I will be forever grateful for his passion and desire to want us to perform at our best.”



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